Five Star Clinics can help you to ensure none of the leads you’ve spent precious time and money obtaining will ever fall through the cracks, and go to your competitors.


In the medical industry, leads are a precious commodity which you’ve often spent lots of time and money to generate. Five Star Clinics can help you and your reception team to implement systems and techniques to ensure each and every prospective patient is followed up correctly, giving you the very best chance of converting as many as possible into paying patients.

By implementing a structured lead management system combined with easy-to-follow and intuitive processes, you’ll ensure every prospective patient gets a Five Star experience from their very first interaction with your clinic.

Furthermore, you and your team will receive invaluable insight into the needs and psyche of each lead thanks to up-to-the-second intelligence about each prospective patient’s interactions with your website, email marketing, and marketing automations. All of these combine to give you the ability to almost seem to read their mind.

Don’t let the leads you’ve worked hard for get lost in cyberspace; implement a Five Star lead management system today, and enjoy the benefits in your clinic tomorrow.


Measure, track and manage every lead to the point of sale.

Dr. Steve Laverson

Our Five Star Specialist has invested significant time, energy and effort orienting and training our staff. As a result, we’re able to track our leads, follow up with regular communications, and turn prospects into successful sales at each individual’s own pace.

Measure, track and manage every lead to the point of sale.

Alan, Altaflo

I like the way the lead management system is tailored to our business and potential customers. It will be a tremendous help for new sales leads that I have generated, and am currently working on. Thank you again for the time spent on-boarding me to the program.