What gets measured gets managed; take the guesswork out of your results with Five Star reporting, which gives you transparency you’ve only dreamed of previously.


They say business is a numbers game. Do you know all of your business’ numbers? Tracking each lead’s progress from inquiry to consult, consult to patient, patient to repeat business and beyond takes a considerable amount of time.

In the medical industry most business owners are also the talent; they are the ones on the tools doing the surgery as well as running the business. More often than not, there just isn’t enough hours in the day to analyse every optic. Five Star Clinics makes reporting as transparent and efficient as possible to help medical business owners understand their optics quickly and easily, without the need for hours of analysis.

There is a gap between marketing and sales which can often be swept under the rug. This gap is where your Five Star Account Manager shows ROI. For many, marketing ends the moment an email delivers the contact’s name; but what if that contact never turns into a patient? Have we really done our job as marketers if we stop at the point of contact? For us, part of being Five Star is monitoring every stage of the buying process.

Our Five Star Account Managers will work closely with your team to ensure every metric is reported back on a monthly basis, and adjust our plans based on what the numbers are reflecting.