In the pursuit of new patient growth, it’s far too easy to overlook what you already have. Don’t forget the patients you’ve already won over.


For many medical clinics, the focus of their marketing is firmly on the attainment of new patients. With more new clinics entering the fray every year, the cost of acquiring these new patients is at an all time high.

Far too often, this focus can make clinics forget that ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’. Your existing patients already know who you are, and love you, your clinic, and your team. Marketing to this group is far easier as you already have an existing relationship, and they’ll be open to cross-sells, up-sells and repeat sells as a result.

Five Star Clinics can help you and your medical practice to implement a range of strategies which work to consistently nurture and further grow the relationships you already have, priming them to purchase again, refer their friends and family, and ultimately build an unbreakable loyalty to your brand.

Building deeper relationships has never been a more important factor in being Five Star than it is in today’s noisy, crowded market.

Meet our Five Star Specialists and see how they can help you to reconnect with your patients, and drive your profits through repeat, cross and upsales.