He who has the biggest advertising budget is no longer the winner by default. Five Star Clinics can help you to outsmart your competition and achieve new patient growth.


Attracting new patients to your medical clinic is becoming increasingly difficult in our current climate.

When deciding on a provider to undergo their treatment or procedure, your prospective patients have never had so much choice as they do today. And with the barrier to entry for doctors to effectively market their services lower than it has ever been, the market has become more crowded than ever before.

Thanks to online advertising providing far cheaper and more targeted options than its traditional media predecessors, the game has now been turned on its head. It’s no longer a case of ‘he who has the biggest budget will rise victorious’; instead, outsmarting the competition is the key to success.

At Five Star Clinics, we implement Five Star patient growth strategies which will not only consistently deliver you new patients, but we will also build you a marketing framework which your competition will never be able to duplicate.

Stop advertising to your market, and instead start connecting in larger numbers than ever before. Drive your new patient grown with Five Star Clinics.

Meet our Five Star Specialists, and see how they can help you to start driving your growth today.