Drawing on more than 20 years of medical marketing experience, our websites don’t just look good; they’re built to convert your ideal patient, and they stand the test of time.


When you choose a Five Star Clinics website, you’re choosing far more than a beautiful new website for your medical practice. You’re choosing a lead generation magnet which has been custom created to work harder to help you achieve your goals, and speak directly to the needs and wants of your ideal patients, helping you to attract and keep more of the kind of patients you want.

The Five Star Clinics difference is that we’ve been in the medical marketing game for more than 20 years. We understand what you do, and we know that your patients and their buying barriers are different.

We don’t just create your medical practice a beautiful website, then set you and it free into the digital void with a hope and a prayer either; instead, we take your hand and walk the journey with you. Rather than a static end-result, a Five Star Clinics website never stops evolving. We’ll constantly tweak it to ensure it’s delivering the best possible results. There’s no ego here, and we never rest on our laurels.

It doesn’t end there though; we also take care of your search engine optimization, content marketing, social media management, marketing automation, email marketing, and even provide your reception staff with targeted training to streamline their processes, ensuring none of the leads we generate for you ever slip through the cracks.

Choose to go one better; choose Five Star Clinics.


for dentists, orthodontists, medspas, plastic surgeons and medical professionals.

Dr. Anh Ngyuen

I could not be happier with the performance of my website. The leads come in consistently, and the team is constantly presenting new, fresh ideas to take things to the next level.

for dentists, orthodontists, medspas, plastic surgeons and medical professionals.

Dr. Jim Ironside

I think the most important thing is the honest and open relationship I have experienced over the years. The dynamic nature of online marketing means strategies can change at the drop of the hat. And you need to be confident to say to your marketing rep ‘yes let’s run with that’ when an idea is presented.