Through social media Five Star Clinics can gain you unfettered access to your best patients’ peers, turning them into friends, and eventually paying patients who will tell their friends about you too.


Think about your best patient. Now imagine being able to have access to a pool of people exactly like your best patient, who value what you do for them, are happy to pay for it, and will tell their friends about you. Birds of a feather flock together, and through targeted social media strategies, Five Star Clinics can give you a virtual foot through the door into the world of your best patient’s whole peer group.

Social media is about far more than memes and cat videos; it’s also virtual proof of life. Everyone knows a word of mouth referral is worth far more than any other variety, and if a prospective patient can see a member of their extended peer group likes your medical practice on social media, it’s a virtual referral without you having to lift a finger.

Five Star Clinics can help you to develop and implement social media strategies which get your voice heard over the din of the noisy social world we live in today. We don’t just do organic social media either; we can help you get your name seen and heard even further afield with smart online advertising strategies, with no commission.

Don’t get lost in the anti-social; let Five Star Clinics guide you and your medical practice on your path to social and business success today.


Reach a larger, more targeted audience quicker than ever before.

Dr. David Vautin

We have been clients of Five Star Clinics for many years now and particularly, in the last couple of years, have helped grow our business exponentially with their expertise in not only producing a spectacular website but also in helping to get the best out of it. They are very approachable and always return our calls quickly. We have constant compliments about how smart and professional our website looks. Our social media presence has tripled. Can’t recommend them highly enough!

Reach a larger, more targeted audience quicker than ever before.

Dr. Darryl McCarthy

Over the years I’ve had numerous management organizations come and see me. I have avoided them, usually because I just haven’t been overly convinced that they can do what say they’re going to be able to do for me. When the gentleman from Five Star Clinics came in I was pretty impressed with his attitude, and since then they’ve done nothing but impress me with the service that we’ve received.