Best practice SEO enhanced by proprietary software which eliminates guesswork and delivers dependable results for your medical practice.


A website without SEO is a little like a Ferrari with no gas. It looks great, but it’s never going to get you anywhere, and what’s the point of having it if nobody ever sees it?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is of utmost importance for medical practices wanting to grow in this current environment. And when it is done correctly, it won’t need to be changed every time Google updates its algorithms; instead it will simply get better with time.

At Five Star Clinics we don’t employ guess work for SEO. Instead, we utilize proprietary software used by some of the biggest name multinationals that exist to plan and implement a targeted SEO strategy, providing your medical practice with results which will get you found for all the right things by all the right people.

It’s not just a set and forget process; our software constantly tracks your rankings and analyzes your results compared to competitors, allowing us to continue to fine tune, and progress further and further with time.

Five Star Clinics won’t just deliver your clinic leads through SEO, then say our job is done though. Through strategy-driven marketing automation, email marketing, content marketing, online advertising, social media management, and training to turn your reception staff into a well-oiled machine, you’ll find you’re converting patients at a rate you had previously only dreamed about.

Choose to be a better medical practice; choose to be a truly Five Star Clinic today.


for dentists, orthodontists, medspas, plastic surgeons and medical professionals.

Dr. Bruce Stevens

Five Star Clinics have managed my website, advertising, and marketing campaign for many years now. My clients often comment that my website is exceptional compared to my competitors, and they are consistently aiming to improve my google ratings and increase new patients. They are a young, proactive group of professionals, who are attentive to my requests and cheerful in their activities on my behalf. I am happy to recommend Five Star Clinics as they are exceptional in their profession.

for dentists, orthodontists, medspas, plastic surgeons and medical professionals.

Dr. James Chen

The days of Yellow pages are gone. My company Ashbury Cosmetics has been with Five Star Clinics for many years and we have gone through quite a lot of changes. With digital marketing, it’s a big learning curve for me, and I’m quite happy that Five Star Clinics has guided me along the way.