Five Star Clinics can help to make every cent of your online advertising budget work harder for you, delivering transparent and dependable results for your medical practice.


Online advertising is a confusing world. At Five Star Clinics, we cut through the hyperbole and hype to give you unbiased advice, with transparent results.

Every advertising channel has its pros and cons, and some will be more suited to your purpose than others. Facebook provides laser-accurate targeting abilities which Adwords never could, but may not provide patients who are ready to buy now like Adwords can.

As Five Star Clinics don’t take a commission from any of your online advertising, we have no vested interest in any one channel. Instead, we look at everything analytically and will give you full transparency into the results each campaign achieves for your medical practice, as well as advising you if one channel is proving more valuable as a lead generator than another.

By allowing Five Star Clinics to implement your online advertising, you can be sure it won’t just be seen; it will be seen by more people who meet the characteristics of your ideal patient. We’ll also ensure it’s on-brand, and aligns perfectly with your other marketing efforts, such as content marketing, email marketing, and organic social media.

Don’t let your voice be drowned out; implement a Five Star online advertising campaign today.


Spend less and reach more patients.

Dr. Bruce Stevens

Five Star Clinics have managed my website, advertising, and marketing campaign for many years now. My clients often comment that my website is exceptional compared to my competitors, and they are consistently aiming to improve my google ratings and increase new patients.  They are a young, proactive group of professionals, who are attentive to my requests and cheerful in their activities on my behalf. I am happy to recommend Five Star Clinics as they are exceptional in their profession. 

Spend less and reach more patients.

Dr. David Marriott

Five Star Clinics came to us highly commended from within our own industry; we would be happy indeed to recommend them to other selected businesses looking to move forward in a competitive professional field. Very approachable, attentive to our needs, and just as keen to help point our business in the right direction. Our web presence, we feel, is greatly enhanced as a result of their continued input.