Turn your website numbers into names, names into warm leads, warm leads into paying patients, and paying patients into raving fans.


Have you ever wondered who visits your website? What exactly they looked at and whether they found what they wanted? Or what you could have said or done to turn them into a patient?

Marketing automation turns the numbers you’re used to from Google Analytics into real people with names and contact details, and allows you to speak directly to their medical needs and wants, all without you needing to lift a finger.

At Five Star Clinics, we can help you by using marketing automation to completely revolutionize your lead generation, and to supercharge our approach to email marketing. Each and every prospective patient who enters your automation will be nurtured through the buying process, breaking down their barriers with targeted content based on the expert knowledge we have thanks to more than 20 years helping medical practitioners just like you.

The intelligence which marketing automation provides us with then also allows us to equip your reception staff with laser-targeted information for following up with these prospective patients, allowing your staff to address their exact needs, and cross-sell or down-sell them with confidence if necessary. It’s like a completely legal wiretap, and it’s guaranteed to revolutionize your business.

Get intelligence that’s human, not artificial; join the marketing automation revolution and become a Five Star Clinic today.


Nurture every prospect to the point of becoming a patient, and beyond.

James Nadin

We have found a marketing team who not only understands our business, but have breathed life into our branding, and have provided us with a sustainable system to consistently bring qualified patients through our door. Because they believe in and support our vision, we trust them to do what’s best for us.

Nurture every prospect to the point of becoming a patient, and beyond.

Anne Talbot

Five Star Clinics have always been transparent and genuine in terms of the results we could expect, and realistic time frames. However, we have been pleasantly surprised on many occasions as more often than not they under promise and over deliver. We cannot recommend them enough.