Preaching to the converted is easy. So why not ask your existing patients to come back?


Sometimes in the pursuit of new patients, it’s easy to forget about your existing patients. Through email marketing, Five Star Clinics can help you to reach back out to your existing patients, ensuring they turn into repeat patients who will tell their friends about you too.

Five Star Clinics’ carefully executed strategies behind your email marketing efforts ensure they are an effective marketing tool which complements the stories you’re telling through your website, social media, content marketing and online advertising. Email marketing also provides excellent opportunities to cross-sell complementary treatments, or even down-sell to patients who didn’t proceed with a treatment due to financial concerns.

Did you know some studies have found that a Tuesday is the best day of the week to send an email campaign? Or that an emoji in the subject line of emails can help achieve a higher open rate? At Five Star Clinics, we worry about the little details so you can get on with what you do best.

Get back in touch with your existing patients and remind them why you’re a Five Star Clinic; talk to us about taking your email marketing to a Five Star level today.