All-in-one inbound marketing strategies to educate your potential patients, and turbo-charge your search engine results


Everyone knows content is king, and a few years back creating it in reams to post as blogs on your website was the gold standard. Nowadays content creation alone isn’t enough; a more holistic and all-encompassing strategy is required to be Five Star.

Meet content marketing. In reality, content marketing is the combination of a variety of different written tactics. From blogs to landing pages, social media, email marketing, marketing automation, and online advertising; all of these and more combine to tell your unique story.

At Five Star Clinics, we ensure this content is made for humans, but optimized for search engines. And thanks to our more than 20 years in the medical marketing game, Five Star Clinics’ writers know your industry inside out, and can ensure your messaging is kept consistent and on-tone across all of these channels.

Start telling highly qualified potential patients your Five Star story in surround sound; become a Five Star Clinic today.


Content that is designed to educate and convert more new patients.

Dr. David Marriot

Five Star Clinics came to us highly commended from within our own industry; we would be happy indeed to recommend them to other selected businesses looking to move forward in a competitive professional field. Very approachable, attentive to our needs, and just as keen to help point our business in the right direction. Our web presence, we feel, is greatly enhanced as a result of their continued input.

Content that is designed to educate and convert more new patients.

Dr. James Chen

The days of Yellow pages are gone. My company Ashbury Cosmetics has been with Five Star Clinics for many years and we have gone through quite a lot of changes. With digital marketing, it’s a big learning curve for me, and I’m quite happy that Five Star Clinics has guided me along the way.