Design, when implemented properly, is art with purpose. And branding is far more than just a logo. We help medical practices tell a uniform story through their design and branding.


Your branding and design are often a prospective patient’s first impression of your clinic. And they’re going to form a first impression of your clinic based on that branding and design inside just 1/20th of a second.

At Five Star Clinics, we align your branding and design elements to ensure those prospects know you’re Five Star from that very first glance.

We don’t just make things look pretty though; everything our Five Star designers create is backed up by strategy, and is based upon the intelligence we have gathered through more than 20 years in the medical marketing game.

Whether you need a website, email marketing, social media, or online advertising, we can help you to create a recognizable and reputable brand with designs that cut through the din of hashtags and hyperbole, and tell a consistently Five Star story.

Choose to make a Five Star first impression; become a Five Star Clinic today.


Where your inside reality meets your outside perception.

James Nadin

We have found a marketing team who not only understands our business, but have breathed life into our branding, and have provided us with a sustainable system to consistently bring qualified patients through our door. Because they believe in and support our vision, we trust them to do what’s best for us.

Where your inside reality meets your outside perception.

Dr. Anh Nguyen

As my business has grown and my profile has grown, I’ve been approached by many other companies to take over my SEO, my website optimization, my marketing, my digital marketing, and to be honest I only trust Five Star Clinics to do it.