We deliver an end-to-end marketing solution which goes far above and beyond simply generating leads for your medical practice.


At Five Star Clinics, your goal becomes our goal. Whatever your business objective is, we take it on as our own, and then we are there for every step of your journey to help you achieve it.

Whether you’re a start-up needing a brand, a website, video, and some serious SEO support, or your practice is stuck in the dark ages and needs to take a massive step forward in all things digital like social media, content marketing, marketing automation, reputation management, email marketing and online advertising, we can help.

It doesn’t end there though. At Five Star Clinics we take marketing a step further by showing you and your staff how to manage the leads generated by all these activities, and streamline your interactions with them to convert as many as possible into paying patients who will tell their friends about your clinic and treatments.

Rather than you needing to be the middle-man between multiple different companies providing one or two of the services you require, our holistic approach to your marketing ensures nothing about your goal gets lost in translation. Everything gels by default thanks to your specialist account manager, allowing you to leave the marketing to us, and simply get on and do what it is you do best.

Go beyond marketing. Let Five Star Clinics help you and your practice become truly extraordinary; truly Five Star.

The closest I can come to the secret of success is this; a lot of little things done well.

- John Wooden